September 7, 2011

Growing Lithops: Week 1

The Lithops are sprouting! I came back from moving all our stuff to New Jersey and the dish of Lithops on my office windowsill is starting to sprout! I am so excited, I wasn't sure that they would germinate. There is definitely one section of the dish that has a lot more germination than the others, so either those seeds are healthier or they just come up faster.

So far I have still been keeping them covered with saran wrap and well misted. Next time I grow them from seed, I am going to try the recommended method of sowing them in straight pumice, because a couple of plants have already tipped over from the taproot pushing them out of my potting mix.

Meanwhile, my office has become a vacation home for some of my favorite plants. The rest are on the balcony in New Jersey hopefully not getting too much rain.

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