September 8, 2011

Vintage Pyrex

I love vintage Pyrex bowls. I am so tempted to buy even super beat-up ones that I see at thrift stores. I don't know what exactly is so appealing about them.
I have to really resist the urge to get into collecting this stuff... although I did have to pick up this turquoise Butterprint pattern mixing bowl at Goodwill today. It is so cute! I love this pattern! It is in pretty good shape!
My only other old Pryrex thing is a bigger Early American print gold on brown mixing bowl, but it is packed away right now. It is a mixing bowl with gold leaf bellows and eagles on it, how can you not love it? One day, one day I will have a collection of decorative mixing bowls....

For some reason I always think of the Kaj Franck enamelware bowl in this kitchen... a little bit of my dream house, I love it. Not everything about how they have it decorated, but I like the layout and the ceilings a lot.

                             Via D magazine

Also near the top of my list is a Hanova of Pasadena enamel bowl. I need to figure out a job that involves going on extended trips to California and only going to thrift stores and succulent nurseries several times a year. And the beach.
                                                                    Via Flickr

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