July 2, 2012

Terrain at Styer's

Terrain at Styer's is about an hour away from my house, and I like to go out there every few months and wander around and not buy anything. There are a bunch of small buildings on the property and they do all sorts of cool design-y plant things, like this staghorn fern display. I love staghorn ferns- I am worried that one would not be happy living on my balcony though. This goes on the list of plants I will have when I own a house. 

This building is covered with rows of Wooly Pockets- the blue and purple flowers look really pretty. 

Rock garden with cold-hardy succulents. The cobweb sempervium are one of my favorite weird succulents. At my old job, I had one in my office, and someone threatened to cut the cobweb part off when she was mad at me.

I almost bought one of these carnivorous pitcher plants- they had a whole bunch of these hanging up and they were huge and amazing. When I have more space I am getting one. (Side note: apparently they can eat mice. Which is disgusting. I did not watch the Youtube video.)

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