July 7, 2012

David Stewart Lion's Valley pottery

I have a few thrift store White Whales, and David Stewart Lion's Valley pottery is one of them. David Stewart was a potter in San Diego in the 1970s. I absolutely love his work. I mean, I like a lot of pottery from that era, but the combination of the terra cotta with the neutral glaze, being the perfect size for cactus and succulents, and the goofy animals...I'm sold.
After finding a Gainey Ceramics planter in DC a few months ago (and walking through the store with it going, "Bob! It is my White Whale!"), I had been really holding out hope that I would find some David Stewart pottery. When we were in California, I did find one nice Stoneware Designs West piece, but no Lion's Valley- not even at the Rose Bowl!

I was very dejected.

Then last week, we went thrifting in Baltimore- and what was in the first Value Village that we walked into? (No, not the crazy man who kept trying to talk to me about how glassware "really makes you think," or the vintage Coleman ice chest that I almost bought to use as a coffee table and kind of regret not getting).

Absolutely perfect condition Lion's Valley pottery bird planter! It doesn't have the sticker, but looks
otherwise untouched. Now on Etsy, it can be yours!

These are the two pieces I have; I bought the snail on Etsy and the alligator was a present.

Here's my dresser with some pottery, and a cactus in a planter that I made:

Anyway, I want all of these animal friends to come live with me.

In addition to the animal planters, he also made other planters, figures, bowls, etc. 

Please note this nice opuntia in a Lion's Valley Pottery planter on The Brick House. Which is like my favorite blog ever. 


  1. Hello. I just found some signed David Stewart plates and I wonder if you could advise me as to how to place a value on them. There are three ... all signed. One also says '94. Where can I get help with this?

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