October 2, 2011

Weekend Thrift Review

I had a pretty successful weekend at the thrift stores. Once I get to New Jersey (next week yay!), I'm going to get my Etsy store set up, so I am trying to put together a decent amount of stuff to list.

My successful stop on Friday was at the Goodwill on 410 by the North Star mall. I got two cute ceramic planters. One is an unmarked white cylinder planter. I like white planters and they are surprisingly hard to find, so whenever I find one I like I usually buy it.
The second one is an orange drip glaze planter from Jenkins Ceramics. I couldn't really find out much about Jenkins Ceramics, except that it was a pottery in California in probably the 50s or 60s, and they made this shape of planter in a bunch or different sizes.  

On Saturday I got the third planter in the picture from the Goodwill on Fredericksburg Rd. Brass planters like this are always kind of appealing to me, but I really liked the pattern of shapes stamped into this one.

At the Goodwill I also got a set of Georges Briard "Florette" plates, 4 bread plates (or salad plates? I need to look it up) and 4 dinner plates.

Also made some good pickups at Texas Thrift Store: Two Autumn Harvest Pyrex bowls, a Pyrex serving dish,  and also some funny divided plates that I have been looking at every time I go in there for a few weeks. 

The plates are this really cool mustard/sand color with an almost-matte glaze that I really like. I think we'll be keeping the plates, and the Pyrex will go up on the store. 

On Sunday I had other things to do besides just go to thrift stores, but I did go back to Goodwill to pick up this fiber art wall hanging that I saw on Friday. I was kind of reluctant about trying to fit it into my car to drive to New Jersey, but I just couldn't pass it up. I definitely don't have a place for it in the apartment, but this is exactly the kind of look I want to go for in the store- sort of med-century desert modern- so I thought this would be great for my first round of items. I love that it has the original tag and is from El Paso.

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