October 10, 2011

Growing Lithops: Week 7

So, I'm going to go ahead and add "putting them in your car and moving across the country" to my list of Things Not to Do With Lithops Seedlings. Of course, I knew I was going to be doing this before I planted them, and I wanted to just try it out and see what happened.

They actually did OK, and by "OK," I mean some of them survived the drive. I feel like I am not growing them in optimal conditions. They probably would like it a little warmer and more sunlight. I put them out of the balcony for a day and half when I got here so they could get some more direct sun, but then it got cold and rainy so I brought them inside.

I am viewing this first pot of seedlings as a trial run. I still have a bunch of the seeds left over from my adult plants, and I am going to order some optica rubra seeds, and maybe some other varieties, and also get some pumice to plant them in. And maybe a grow light.

                                                   Via Flickr
On a positive note though, one of my adult Lithops is getting ready to bloom! I got the pot out of its spot in the car and it has a nice little stalk starting!

I'm not sure what I should do after it blooms though... stop watering the whole pot? Try to keep watering the other ones? When I saw the blossom starting I gave the whole pot quite a bit of water in hopes that the other ones might start blooming too. I guess this is why it's a good idea to only grow one variety per pot.

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